This website uses javascript the Cyborg Matrix

The Cyborg matrix The prototype is already online at
Visit the website to get a feel for the online space. The official opening of the space with all the artworks will be in September!

Add your work to the online exhibition organised by the Cyborg Art Collective.
Any type of art is welcome! fine art, poetry, music, film, websites, photography, computer games, you name it...
The upcoming exhibition will be in September. If you dont want to add work but you want to be kept in the loop, simply submit your name and email without filling in the other fields.


What can you send? Image links, video links(and or embed links), URL to web pages, Google drive embed links, or any link to work you published online.

You can post up to 20 links for your work. If you want to add more, simple use this form again with the same name and email address.

Other files like 3D models, images or audio files can be sent to

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