Cyborg Art Collective

Artistic Statement

The Cyborg Art Collective strives for art that provides a bridge between science, philosophy and the general culture. We focus on commonly used digital technologies to research subjects of; technology's influence on perceptions, the automation of creativity, and autonomy of the digital system. Our main inspirations that influence the projects we undertake are philosophers like: Petran Kockelkoren, Lev Manovich and Peter-Paul Verbeek.Their literature provides a rich source of information about the interaction between human beings and technology that shapes the thematics of our artworks. In this train of thought we aim, through art, to propose questions about technology's actorship and with it, its control over-, and influence on-, our understanding of the world.

The Cyborg Art Collective implements this by playing between the medium of the digital domain and the physical reality. Creating art through a process of decision making that is formed along lines of rules and conventions present in the digital devices and their virtual representations. Furthermore we provide the audience with specific ways of interacting with the artworks with the aim to blur the lines between the control of the user and the program. Throughout these projects The Cyborg Art Collective's goal is to not only make artworks about the subject matter. The resulting artworks are a means to generate knowledge and provide insights in these fields of study. In symbiosis with digital systems we function like cyborgs, in that we simultaneously work with the technology, and let the technology guide us in our work. Through this symbiotic relationship we seek to reveal the possibilities and the limits of the systemic logic found in all these digital devices.

The Cyborg Art Collective beliefs when thinking about subjects of our perceptions, ethics and actorship, there is not a hard line between the technology and its user. We state that it is an interlinked system that works between both entities, meaning that the average user of today's digital devices is a cyborg. With these concepts the Cyborg Art Collective sees the possibility to create an art practise that generates valuable knowledge and insights about our everyday life.

Who are we

The Cyborg Art Collective is a multidisciplinary group with dynamic cooperative characteristics. Meaning we do not operate from a fixed location, and the members of the Cyborg Art Collective working on a particular project can vary. In every project the main focus is on philosophical and scientific questions about conventional technologies and everyday life. We see art as an important facet of society that can be viewed as a system mediating between different discourses, field of study and the general culture. We've exhibited artworks like The Ultimate Exhibition, Pixels for Sale and the TUE Usb Kit at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Tec Art during Art Rotterdam, and Toronto Digifest. During these kinds of exhibitions, we aim to provide our audience with the possibility to actively interact with our artworks to generate insights and new knowledge through experience. And through this process our goal is to place artworks, and with them ideas, concept and beliefs, in between different discourses as mediators.

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Our cyborgs

Critic/Artist - Charles M. Alan
Artist/Spokesperson - Mark C. H. Schobben
Hacker/System designer - FileCorruption aka F_Co



The Ultimate Exhibition USB Kit

A spinoff of The Ultimate Exhibition the USB Kit is focused on the idea of monetary value, value systems and ownership. By selling 25 copies of the virtual components of The Ultimate Exhibition, value is created over the digital files. Every usb kit is accompanied by an unique code referring to the owner of the copie. We, The Cyborg Art Collective, then claimed that the usb kit has a certain value according to rarity and money invested by the consumers. By contract only the person registered as the owner is in possession of one of the official parts of the artwork. Any other copie will not be recognised and will not be claimed as an artwork by us, and by extend will not hold the same value. The USB Kit contains the digital components of The Ultimate Exhibition, STL files that can be used to make the gun controller with 3D printer, and the WAD file containing the exhibition spaces of all the places The Ultimate Exhibition was displayed. The WAD file can be imported into The Ultimate Doom game making it possible for the user the visit the virtual exhibitions. By the nature of digital files they can theoretically be infinitely copied (the contract does not forbid this). But because of the contract only the 25 copies made by us give these files an unique value, this is because of the agreement the buyer made with us that these are original artworks. Even though the copies made by us and the copies made by others are indistinguishable, the value of uniqueness is contained within the claim and agreement over the ownership of the original copies.